Himmel, Arsch und Zwirn is not a band in the usual meaning of this word, but rather a pleasant reunion of friends who like to Rock real hard!

Unfortunately, there are still some circumstances that make Rock Music a little more difficult on this side of the globe (shows, studio equipment, instruments, prices….). Maybe that’s why the making of this CD took so long.

Nevertheless, all sorts of artistic expression should be honoured and supported, always.
For Metal,
Himmel Arsch und Zwirn

Himmel Arsch und Zwirn:
Daniel Fanta: Guitars / Bass / Synths / Spoons
Martin Guderle: Drums
Lima: Voice
Irmãos Cordinha: Choir
Armênio Amaral: Lead Guitars

Songs & Download:
The Bluety is the Beast (Azulejo Part II) - 1,55MB
Welcome Stupidity - 1,34MB
The 2nd Best is the 2nd Rest - 1,09MB
The Bluety is the Beast (Azulejo Part II) - 4,80MB
Welcome Stupidity - 5,81MB
The 2nd Best is the 2nd Rest - 4,14MB

Buy the CD:
In Brazil:
Galeria do Rock Rua 24 de Maio 62 - Vla Buarque - São Paulo - SP
  Master Records (1º Andar Loja 214)
  Vinil Records (2º Andar Loja 348)
  PowerRock (2º Andar Loja 327)
  Music House (1º Andar Loja 259)
  Paranoide (2º Andar)
Hot Stock Discos Rua Victor Brecheret 25 - Vila Yara (Próx. ao Terminal) - Osasco
Incineration Metal Bar Av. Antônio Matias de Camargo 164 - Cotia - SP
Metal Rua Dona Elisa Fláquer, 184 Cnetro - Santo André - SP

In Austria:
Totem Records Zollergasse 18-20 - 1070 - Wien

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